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Could I get some help with this Mesh?

Unknow Stranger

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This is my very first post on this Forum, but I'm more of a observer then active on comments/uploading/discussing and etc... But now I need some help.


You see, I had the honor of downloading CW Clothing mod, created by CW Johnny(I think?), and enjoying it to the fullest.

However, I had notice a little problem with one of the meshes. On the armor of those who are based upon Liberty prime, I noticed that the bottom of your character feets are sticking out of the bottom of the "boots".


So therefore I felt something needed to be done. I went to download 3dsMax, Nifskope and etc. and started to fix the issues, as well as putting a personal touch on the work. Problem is that I have been doing it for two days, including: Watching D.I.Y videos on YT, swearing, trail and errors, searching on google and banging my head on the keyboard, and found out I'm not skilled enough to put my twist of the armor into the game...


So, I'm therefore asking you, the reader/ Modder/ Computer whiz/ Computer Gods/ NSA and CIA, if you guys could help me with this one?


I do NOT take ANY CREDITS of the changes I had made, as again; It's just a slighlty modification of the armor, and all credits goes to the mods Owner.



Are you up for the task?



I can't for some reasons(maybe becuase THIS IS MY VERY FIRST POST) write the link to Mega, but I will somehow make it work. Maybe the Adm. could give me a slack, or I can send it to you through PM?


Anyways, someone up for this?

derp herp.nif


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Easy fix in niksope, just move the boots with transform and scale since they are separate piece. This is based on your cwpowerarmoraddonzero_b.nif file and a body from bronson folder from same mod since you did not state what body you are using.


1. Open model in nikskope

2. Right click the mesh for the boots (Tri Armor 2) in the block list and select Transform, Scale Vertices

3. In the dialog box select 1.05 in the Z direction (takes some trial and error to come to this value but this is what I used) then click Scale

4. This will make the boots slightly taller to compensate for the move in the next part.

5. Again right click the mesh for the boots (Tri Armor 2) in the block list and select Transform, then Edit.

6. Enter -1.500 (negative value to move down to cover feet), then click accept.

7. Again right click the mesh for the boots (Tri Armor 2) in the block list and select, Transform, then Apply, then click Try Anyway.

8. Expand the tree of the boots in the block list and right click on NiTriStripsData, select Mesh, then Update Center/Radius

9. Save mesh


No 3DS or Blender required in this case.


Hope that helps



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I tried it, but unfortunately it didn't cut it. By lowering the boots, it now embed the ground and when moving the feet are still visible. 

Still thankful for the advise though.

and if I sound like a A-hole, it's because this is my fifth attempt to reply to this comment. I get a error messeg saying I can't post a link, thought I'm not posting a link... yay...

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No problem, I know the frustation modding can create some times, to fix the way you want would require either just cutting the feet off the body model hidden under the boots in Blender or 3DS and include that body with the armor mesh and make it upperbody item type, or possibly re-weighting if that is what is causing the clipping. In your case I would just cut the body model, is simpler and guarentees no clipping. There are versions of the body like that in many mods where they cut the non visible verts away, helps reduce model size as well. You could also try resizing and reshaping the boots in 3DS or Blender depending on your skill level.

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