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Hi everyone, a little break after our thesis, i wanted to continue on converting followers to playable versions, and wanted to add a feature, how do I make the custom race make use of elf ear slider of racemenu?


when i use the custom races for the playable version the option either doesnt show up or doesnt do anything.


But when using default races it works, same applies with loading a chargen save of a character with an elf ear on a custom race, the ears wont generate but it will on default races.


Thank you so much.

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I do not know any mod that changes the elf ears in Racemenu.
two mods I know make this not! once it goes only for your character and all other NPCs are not influenced.


Elf Only Elf Ears by SeaFaringGentleman




and second, one can forge these ears and use as a equipment part.


numenume elf ear by numenume




and yet this.


Nouserheres Ears by Nouserhere plus Badmagic



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