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Loading saves CTD


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So here's the thing, i've found that when my save game hits 6mb or larger it refuses to load. straight CTD and possibly the most infuriating thing I have ever dealt with. All of my mods work peachy cuz i can restart, go from each mod area to the other and use all mods at the same time, its a quite a thing to behold.

now here's my question, is there a program or plugin that will reduce the amount of junk data that goes into a save file?

i'm fairly sure that each save file doesn't need to record alot of stuff like what you dropped way back when or who you killed and continue to load their dead fly ridden corpse each time. and seeing as all these things are little bits of data that over a game that simulates a world roughly 50 miles across i think, thats alot of junk data. So any body have any solutions or maybe a nice little program they feel kind enough to share?

also sorry if theres a thread like this one, i didn't see it.

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unless its a ram issue yup, i've messed around with all the mods, played the game without mods on a clean install, even loaded up a clean save from the nexus, all of it crashes. basically i want to exhaust all options before i shell out 160 bucks for new ram sticks


edit: im gonna try one more reinstall w new files and if that doesn work then its off to the internet for new sticks

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How many ram do you have 8gb are allready enough, but well depending on how many mods you have you may just have to many script heavy mods that can't compile in time which results in ILS otherwise it can only be caused with to many high resulution texture mods.


Did you try if new games work maybe you just uninstalled a mod that f**** your savegame.


Post a papyrus log post your mod load order!

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nah i found it after i reviewed the papyrus log, some scripts from dawnguard and base game esm were goin wonky, and a few from some old mods that were still attached to the save game file. the new reinstall so far has worked but if it happens ill post the new logs n load order

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