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Have you guys agreed on an immersive vulgar vocabulary that preserves immersion?


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If this hasn't been done already, I was thinking we come up with a official list of acceptable words of vulgarity. Each word will have some lore behind it that explains its origin. These words can then be used in mods that have dialogue, while preserving immersion.


For example,




Let's attempt to make the word fuck a word that actually exists in Skyrim through a lore friendly explanation.


"Pardon my witchful tongue, but they took turns fucking me".


Witchful means witch like.


"She had the tongue of a witch, and told me to go fuck myself."


"She cursed profanities commonly heard amongst witches and hagravens".


I'm introducing that if anyone use the word "fuck" in their mod, that it be explained that use of this word is only used by witches, hagravens.  Or if you have an idea that improves on this, please share it.


The whole point is to see these curse words explained with the same lore friendly explanation from mod to mod.  If more than one mod adopts this ideology, then the word fuck can find an immersive home in skyrim.


Another example:


"She took turns servicing each of the redguards members (cocks)". 


"She was filled to the brim with the spend (cum) of multiple lovers".


What can the word "cum" be called in the world of Skyrim? 








If enough people respond to this thread with word alternatives or lore behind more harsher words, that would give writers a helping hand in preservin immersion while delivering erotic content.

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Interesting topic actually, I would think the easiest way to determine the most immersive words to use would be to look up what slang terms were used frequently before the Industrial Revolution. And since I am not a linguistic historian i cannot off the top of my head tell you what words were used during that time frame, but some of our modern day slang words are in fact incredibly old.

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