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Weird Body Issue


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Posted in the wrong section, reposting here:


So I think I fucked up royally this time.

I've just gotten into HDT modding and finally managed to get bouncing breast and butt physics to work. It worked perfectly, only when naked albeit. That being the case, I set out to find armours that would show the bounce when worn.


I came across this mod http://www.loverslab...body-and-armor/. Thinking that it sounded great, I downloaded it and deleted the skeleton_female.hkx as it said. ( I did create back-ups)


Next time I launched Skyrim, I was greeted with.. This..


I've never seen this happen before. After seeing it, I immediately quit the game and went about uninstalling the above mod. I deleted every file it installed and then re-installed my original skeleton file. Launched the game. Still the same problem.


So I then reinstalled my body mod along with all the textures I used and launched the game. Still the same problem.


I tried reinstalling the skeleton (which is XPMSE by the way) and the body mods + textures all over again AND the actual breast and butt physics mod, along with the actual HDT mod itself. Launched the game. Still. Same. Problem.


So I have absolutely no idea what I've done to fuck this up, I don't know a lot about how skeletons and bodies actually work and I'm sure as hell confused as to why I still have this shitty looking body after all I've done.


If anyone knows anything about this or has seen this kind of thing before, help would be majorly appreciated.




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Well I don't use this mod, but is is described as equipment did you look in your inventory if you still have this thingy? did you unequip it before deinstalling the mod? try'd an save before the mod was installed?

(use the showinventory command to see if this thing is still in your inventory)


Did you really deleted all files provided by this mod? especially the /mesh folder because this looks like a fucked up mesh to me.


btw there is no need for an object like this there are tons of save mods out there for tbbp physics or hdt

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54044/? for example

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I've actually since resolved the problem of this. I was certain to remove all the files, I checked the rar file and deleted everything that was in there and reinstalled appropriately.

It was an issue with the files in the body mod, I was using CBBE and those files somehow got overwritten to look like the screenshots. All I did was simply re-download the mod and now it's working fine again.


Just a quick question..

That mod you linked to; I've been using the 'CBBE HTD' body in the CBBE bodyslide, if I want that mod to work do I use the CBBE TPPB body instead? Will that work with armours that actually fit around the body and show physics? Sorry if my descriptions are a bit vague.

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Whatever body you use it dosen't matter for armors if you use tbbp body oder bbp it only affects the naked body if the armor has tbbp your boobs will bounce even if you use a non tbbp body in short:


If the armor dosen't have tbbp nothing will bounce regardless of you body. Also if the armor support tbbp it will bounce regardless of your body so if you want your armor to bounce it all depends on the armor itself.


For this mod you only need a tbbp supported body I don't know about the body you use I only use the normal tbb body since I don't get the point why I should use hdt if tbb works perfectly fine.

Try it is what I say this mod is only a single hdt.xml file so there is nothing that could go wrong




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