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Submit + ZAZ

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So it has come to my attention that ZAZ not only contains the meshes but also the animations that come with the corresponding restraints. 


My questions is whether it would be possible to replace the restraint being used in Submit with something like the cuffs and collar or the pillory without it breaking submit. 


If I just replace the item in Submit.esp will ZAZ recognize and play the right animation or would I have to go into the scripting because I have NO IDEA how to script and really don't want to touch the Submit script for fear of breaking anything. 


I love like the simplicity of Submit and understands why the author doesn't want create more dependencies then its necessary for it to function. 


But would like to just implement a better restraint cause being tied on the floor just isn't enough for me  :@


Hopefully someone here could shed some light on this?



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