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Equipment Overhaul + SL + Submit


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Equipment Overhaul => http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49784/?


I have very basic understanding of modding, and I don't even understand how the above mod works. I know that it utilizes the favorites menu instead of the actual equipped item menu. 


The problem (or my everything in skyrim must be perfect syndrome) is that when animations begin through Submit, the weapons aren't gone from my character because I think the "steal item" script doesn't run until the animations are done. 


Just wondering if anyone know or has even the slightest idea of how Equipment Overhaul works and is there anyway around this? 

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I'm not running equipping overhaul at the moment, but I did run it for a while. It allows every weapon you have selected as a favourite to show up on your character at once, whichever one(s) you currently have actually "equipped" (only one per category.) And yes, when a sexlab animation happens that means they all stay there on your back/hips. In the equipping overhaul MCM you can set a hotkey to toggle between having them all show and not. I think it's called Geared Up. What I always did was simply press that hotkey when an animation began. It makes them all vanish. Pressing the key again after makes them reappear if you still have them.

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Ah, I totally missed that. Thanks for pointing it out.  


If I may ask, why did you decide to not user equipment overhaul? Are you using Dual Sheath Redux? 


Just asking, cause I just started using and I don't know what other SL mods might conflict with it. 

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For me it was just a bit laggy. I love the look of walking around with an arsenal strapped to my back, but with Geared Up enabled I found menus took a lot longer to pop up, though usually only if I had a weapon drawn or spells out combat-ready. When I looted a body or a chest with a weapon drawn, for example, I got stutters and lagging and it just made me a bit twitchy. I also got some issues where quivers would show up when they shouldn't, or not show up when they should, so I'm not sure how well it plays with Auto Unequip Ammo.


I've never tried DSR. Equipping Overhaul appealed to me because it was basically a lighter version that did everything I wanted without the extras, so if I got lag with that I shudder to think what it would be like with DSR. :P

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Funny the problem you mentioned hasn't occurred to me, though it has occurred with other mods. I am by no means an expert but after my experience with FNV and FO3 modding I have learned a thing or two with regards to mod compatibility and making sure my game runs smoothly.


I actually have auto unequip ammo and so far its working as intended. My different ammo are Favorited in menu and don't appear equipped unless I equip my bow.


Only downside is that because the newest Equipping Overhaul mod included Dual Sheaths without a patcher and there is a delay when loading in game which is an issue that is inherent with the game in how it deals with equipped weapon. The mod author provided a "dirty fix" which automatically unequips your weapon and then reequips them so that the game registers them correctly. 


Personally I think its just a minor inconvenience as the mod is great in terms of compatibility and how hassle free it is.


However, the author is currently implementing new things into the mod and I don't know what directions he is taking it but the next patch might have to include custom skeletons and he also suggested that he will be rid of bipped slots all together. 


I have no idea how he plans to implement the above, but to do so I think might create compatibility issues, especially the bipped slot system seeing as I have alot of mods (not to mention any mod for the SL framework) that have scripted unequip events which depend on bipped slots. 


If you are interested, perhaps you should try the latest version and if you haven't already check out some of the guides on there with regards to tweaking your ini files. 


I found conflicting information with regards to tweaking the papyrus script in skyrim.ini, but the mod author suggested tweaking the ini with the following so that scripts would run smoother:





Personally, I have tried both the above and followed => http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50244/?


Honestly, I don't see any recognizable difference at the moment. 


Hopefully the above will fix the lag, even if you do decide not to use the mod the above tweak and guide perhaps may still help your game stability. 

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