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No Female Animations

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So when I try to have my female character have sex with someone, the male shows the animations and she does not. She just stands there and the camera wont move with out without telephoto selected.


My load order is


FalloutNV esm
DeadMoney esm
HonestHearts esm
OldWorldBlues esm
LonesomeRoad esm
GunRunnersArsenal esm
CaravanPack esm
ClassicPack esm
MercenaryPack esm
TribalPack esm
Sexout esm
Run the Lucky 38 esm
REZBajaIslandHome esp
SexoutSlavery esm
SexoutCommonResources esm
SexoutDrugging esm
SexoutLegion esm
SexoutKings esp
SexoutHookupsAlt esp
SexoutZAZ esp
Dead Money - No Collar Explosion and No Poison Cloud esp
SCS - CombatArmour esp
realistic headshots esp
SexoutSpunk esp
SexoutKhans esp
The Mod Configuration Menu esp
SexoutLust - anyHUD esp
SexoutSCRDebug esp
SmallerTalk esp
The Lucky 38 Empire esp
Lucky38Suite Reloaded esp
SexoutSex esp
TheSinkRemodel esp
SexoutWorkingGirl esp
SexoutConsequences esp
SexoutPowderGangers esp
NVRefugee Outfits esp
Liberty Loft esp
SexoutFiends esp
SexoutNCR esp
HiddenBunker esp
RaiderChains esp


I used Loot to organize my saves. I tried deleting fallout and redownloading three times now. I even tried disabling all the mods and it still didnt work. I seem to have all the anims in the Sexout NG folder where its supposed to be in idle animations. I just have no clue what Im doing wrong. I followed the instructions to the letter and Im even using the custom FOMM build like it told me to. Can anyone help?

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The most likely culprit is one of your house mods. Lucky 38, Baja, Liberty Loft, Hidden Bunker... one of those.

They have a tendency to add little things like animation overrides for specific sits, or a companion NPC like

a maid or a butler with special functions.... and they often have the same issues as pose mods do.


Open them in FNVEdit and check to see if they have a top level animation block interfering.


See BruceWayne's post for more information.

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