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{WIP} Survival Mod


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I'm currently working on a Survival/Basic Needs type mod for Skyrim which aims to be as realistic as possible while at the same time allowing players to disable parts they don't like. The whole concept revolves around stamina and how diet and sleep affect it.


Here's a list of features I'm planning or have nearly done.


* Temperature affects player health and stamina (increased stamina in the cold but takes slightly more damage as well)

* Clothing worn affects player temperature (Skimpy clothes in the winter means frostbite)

* Stamina increases through use (The more you sprint the longer you will eventually be able to sprint or fight)

* Stamina regenerates slower each time it's emptied unless the player eats and sleeps

* Stamina potions can specifically effect short or long term stamina (ie. Quick burst of energy like an adrenaline injection, or longer lasting energy like a 5-hour energy drink)

* Good diet means increased long-term stamina and carry weight while bad diet or undernourishment means less weight carry and stamina.

* Disease affects stamina regeneration (Especially the flu :()

* Probably more I've forgotten at the moment.


I'm about half done getting most of the features working except for any of the temperature related ones since I haven't decided yet exactly how much the temperature should affect things and how much the temperature should differ from region to region. Most if not all of the features will be toggle-able. If anyone has any suggestions for other features or better ideas feel free!

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