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[request] Garrosh Hellscream

Anna Ellsberg

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Hello, I'm Ann, known as the Ellsberg smashmishmash..ok I have made it up. I think it is my first post here, so hel-oh I've said it already. ..and Ilike cheesy humor


I would like, love, adore to request something simple(I think?) from you guys. You see, I'm in virtual love with this guy with whos jaw is like elephant's leg. I'm no modder and because of my ocd I do not even think that I would be able to create anything of my own, I would see too many things to correct for myself.


what I would like to geet from your great help: 1. brown skin for orc 2. yellow eyes 3. black jaw tattoo ( really love it ) 4. optionally body tattoo

and that is all, only colors. no fancy face redefining or something that would make you turn into sleepless monstah.


here are reference screenshots of my handsome man: OH NO I CAN'T POST LINK: IF YOU DECIDE TO HELP ME, PLEASE PM

I know that tes orcs are different and it is fine with me. I mean the whites can be of the same yellow-honey gold color as umm whats its called "iris", yes "sclera" and "iris" of the similar color.

I just would like it to be option in character creation or just ready character to play. but I would like to see intro and executin block scene for my little immersion


copied from my redditpost, look how it fits! this perfect "my first post here', grace and swiftness. one does not ignore such a masterpiece!..mhm!

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