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Having some ... 'visability' issues ?


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So I just switched my skyrim from an nmm based install to a MO based install in a 5 hour drive to re-download all the mods etc and now for some reason I am having problems with HDT.


Before my re-install physics was only working on enabled armors but now I actually managed to get it to work on naked bodies as well but I am running into 2 problems:


First and foremost, if I get on a horse the breasts literally just stand up straight and touch the chars forehead. While this is comical as f*ck I'm quite certain that this should not be the case and I'd like to fix it but I don't know how or what is causing it.

2nd, while not on horseback, the breast physics are a bit too much .. if I jump they manage to touch just below the bellybutton. Thats a bit too much physics for me and I'd like to make them a lot less bouncy but not sure how.


I have CBBE 3.3 as a body, latest HDT. Tried some xml that said 'less bouncy' but that did not seem to change anything.

It does the odd physics both naked and with enabled armors.

I did build a body with bodyslide but I have no clue what the sliders do and which ones are for physics if any (this might be the root of the problem ?)

My entire skyrim install is now mod organizer based except for ENB and SKSE.


Any advice would be appriciated :-)

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