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Mods issue


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hello my name is Eric, first of all thank you for taking the time to read my problems.


my mods and the load order





Mod install option


XPMS Extended For Female:

Bow Quiver and bolt placed "like in frostfall (Chesko)
One Handed Sword Placed "on my back"
Dagger placed "on my back around the hip"
Animation for "One Handed Weapon and dagger at my back"
Havok "Skeleton Rig Map"
Patches "Extended RaceMenu and ECE with extended Slider Set"
Enhanced Character Edit 
Features "Full Package"
Language "English"
Version "1.9.32"
Skeletons " Realstic Ragdolls Normal"
Cheeks Fix "None"
Vampire Fix "No Sunken"
Sliders Tweak "Slider 2x and Step 2x"
Slider Tweak "High-Res UV Map"
Racial Compatibility "USKP Patch"
Realistic Ragdolls and Force Normal
"T/BBP or Bouncing"
"NSFW or Nude"
"TBBP Body"
"I have my Own Skeleton"
"Vanilla with Bounce added"
"Natural Breast Motion"
"360 Directions"

"Vanilla Natural BBP 360"



Minor issue

Why the FNIS doesnt detect the xpms, is that normal? (at first I thought it was problem of MO until i saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MqZ-EPdBvk#t=352)





Major issue


1) left hand draw/sheath is not working (with fnis skeleton arm fix, DSR and the animation from XPSME)

2) Better Hand Mesh doesnt work (unpb)

3) any ideas who to takeout the quiver from the butt ( i try using the ECE "Quiver Position X,Z,Y" but it doesnt work)






mmm i don't know if is that normal or not 






Thank you again for read my problems and sorry for me english it isnt me native language

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