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"Undo" mods?


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Is there a way to revert a mod's change to your files (in case a mod replaces vanilla files, disable the mod and automatically revert to vanilla whatever that mod touched)? I don't know if that's possible, but it's the 6th -or so- time I have to reinstall skyrim, lol.


Thanks in advance!

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*waits patiently for someone to spring in and say....*








But yeah, Mod Organizer is the program you want to use for all of that. But if you are trying to revert things to vanilla, just delete the files. All of the vanilla files for the base game are stored in BSAs. So nothing is technically overwriting them at all. You just need to delete the files you added, and it will go back to using the vanilla ones in the BSA.


But if you mean mod wise, overwriting each other and stuff, then you'll be best off using Mod Organizer unless you know your Skyrim directory extremely well enough to know what to remove and replace. Mod Organizer is the replacement to NMM basically. I don't use it myself, so I can't give you all the details, but I'm sure someone else will be more than willing to fill you in. ;)

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Which data file?


bradleyh, do you mind explaining how does wrye bash work? I just googled it and seems hard to use.

You just need to use a Mod Installation Utility to install Mods that allows You control of what is placed into Your Game. NMM can work, but most People here on Lovers Lab (including Me) will not use it.

Alt3rn1ty has made a Pictorial Guide that is available on the Nexus and TES Alliance that I used to learn how to use BAIN for My Installer for Oblivion. TESCOSI is a Website by Tomlong that was made for Oblivion Users, but most of the information is also relevant to Skyrim. 

Mod Organiser has a Thread in the Skyrim Non Adult Mods Section.

IMO Mod Organiser has no advantage over Wrye Bash and BAIN with the exception of the speed of switching Save Profiles.

Both Utilities require reading and research before use.

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