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*CLANG* *CLANG* *CLANG* Noisy Havok Objects


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Is it normal to have havok objects like tankards or whatever regularly making collision noises with HDT installed?  And when someone with a weapon (or maybe even without, I dunno) sits down it makes a lot of noises too.


I tried locking some tankards on an innkeepers shelf in place with Jaxonz Positioner mod and it stopped them from making noises.  I'm also using Audio Overhaul which may have louder tankard collision sounds and such.


Other than that HDT seems to be working fine for me.  No apparent need for any Skyrim.ini tweaks (I haven't done any at all).

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Ah that was it.  I had Vsync enabled in enb but my monitor's refresh rate is 144Hz (in hindsight, allowing such a high framerate in Skyrim was a bit stupid, because of Papyrus).  I tried limiting the framerate with enb to 60fps (with and without Vsync) but looking around became jittery (don't understand the 59fps thing).  Setting my monitor's refresh rate to 60Hz and enabling Vsync was the way to go.  No more noises from havok objects now.




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