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Question about compatibilities.

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Hello folks. I have a question about compatibilities, and I hope anyone here could possibly help me.


I started playing Skyrim on my new computer (laptop) and I decided to Not use Sexlab initially. I wanted to try out Skyrim Redone, and i wanted to form an independent opinion on it, without any other mods affecting. 

I have, and now i want to try some new things out, so my question to you all is:


Are there any sort of compatibility issues between Sexlab and its mods, and Skyrim Redone? Specifically i'm running the core Devious Devices mods, Sexlab Romance, Defeat, Helpless, Captures, those kind of mods. 


I was looking at the new Aradia Devious mod, and it set me to wondering about this.

The mod adds some new armours. Will these conflict in any way with SkyRe's restructuring of the armour/weapon system?


Also, I noticed some of the Aradia armours (and some of the Captured Dreams items) give you buffs to certain skills, like Pickpocket. Will these conflict with SkyRe's new perk tree system, or will they auto-convert into the new system?


I hope anyone here can offer me their help, and wish you all a good day.

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