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HDT physics "freezing"?


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Hello, all.


I've been playing with one of the HDT-enabled wigs on my character for a few days now with no problems at all, but recently I found one strange bug and I'm wondering if there's a way to fix it.


My character became a vampire and every time she feeds, it will stop the HDT physics as soon as any menu is opened. The hair will stick in whatever position it was in when the menu was opened and not move at all.


If I change a location, it will fix it, until any menu is opened again, and then it will stick again. So far the only way I can fix it is to save and quit the game, then load, HDT will then work fine... until I feed again. Because vampire characters need to feed a lot, it's very inconvenient to save/quit/reload every time.


It happens with a wig, and also with HDT numenume hairs, and HDT Wa Ribbons (only HDT mods I have)


I'm using HDT v11-10 (I know there's updated versions now, but this is the one that works the best for me, others just made everything flail wildly)


If it helps, I am also using Better Vampires mod (but it happened even before using this). I can let you know any other info if you need it.


I searched here and elsewhere, but I couldn't find any other discussions of this problem (and I wasn't really sure what words to search for)


Any help will be appreciated! Cheers~

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I am using 14-28, and I will get the same problem with the Merida Hair by Yoo, and rarely with the Azar Ponytail. I Save, then load the new Saved Game. The problem for Me only occurs during the normal Game at the Shrine of Meridia, but Mods that transition a character from third person into first person also can trigger it. I do not have an issue with feeding on a character with the Ring of Namira.

If You are using an ENB, try enabling the WaitBusyRender(?) in the enblocal.ini to true. I do not know if this will help.

I mostly have the problem making a new character with AS-LAL.

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It has happened to me as well when I quicksave then quickload. Doing that either doesn't fix it, or will actually trigger it. I don't think I've tried doing a full save, then load, so I'll try that next time it happens. Still a bit tedious to do that after every feeding though.


I do have a mod that modifies killmoves, and some of those will take you into first-person and back, but those never caused me any trouble with the HDT (so far)


I will also try the WaitBusyRender (as I am using an ENB) and see what happens.


Also I forgot to mention that going into showracemenu will not trigger it. However, if it's already doing so (from a prior feeding or quickload or whatever) then showracemenu will freeze it (any menu will do it, apparently)

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