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A Second Install of OB


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I have one installation that I have run for years, but i hope to set up a new fresh installation for Lovers and other mods. I have two main drives on my main system, C and D, D has 40 GB free and I would like to use it, but wondered if there may be problems having two full active installations. The original install is on C Drive.


I would also re install Bash, OMOD, Pluggy, BOSS etc. on D Drive for the new installation along with OBSE and the rest..but wonder if i will have to install the other Microsoft stuff to make Bash work on D drive....


i ran two installs on C drive before, and just re named the main folder to "deactivate" the exes..but i was not actively using the CS then, now i am and i plan to use it on the new install....so thought to adk advice here...


any feedback on this?

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