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Lighting Mods Uninstallation guide please?


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Well I've been using Realistic Lighting OverhaulClimates of Tamriel and found that Night Level 1 is not dark enough for me, i want to remove it and switch to a darker night version but i don't know if it's safe enough to uninstall it by :


1. Un-ticking the mod, then uninstall it via NMM/Wryebash and just load the game.

2. Save the game in a interior cell at day time then un-check the mod and remove it.


I've check the mod page of both mods and seen no uninstallation guide whatsoever. checked the comments and didn't find anything,

did post a similar topic like this on Nexus but buried and ignored.  :s


Can anyone response and give me some help regarding it since Lighting & Weather Mods alter vanilla lighting and weather aspects so i'm nervous on the process of my uninstallation of it.

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