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[Commission Request] A multi-colored Hairstyle.


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First off I felt that this thread will be different enough to warrant remaking a new thread with a separate title, if needed my old thread can be deleted. (This one)


Anyway, what I'm looking for is a modder to create a specific hairstyle.


Here are a few resources of the hairstyle I'm trying to have created.


This is the Hairstyle I'de really prefer it to come across as in game (Warning NSFW Nudity & Bondage)


This is a pretty close second (Also NSFW Nudity & Bondage)



Here is a gallery of references if needed (Warning incredibly NSFW, much more than just nudity or bondage)




I also went ahead and got permission from the characters creator


Here is the permission (Which can also be seen here)


If you're interested in doing this for me just leave a post on here or message me.


This would be an open commission so you could just post the mod either on this page, or put it on downloads so anyone can download it once it's complete.


I'm willing to pay somewhere between 10 to 30 dollars for it, price could be negotiated as well if needed if it turns out to be a really difficult to model hair.





I also messaged Ashal and he said that it was O.K. to commission modders to create mods as long as they don't charge people to use the mods once they are created.




Edit.   If you're reading this and can't model yourself, or don't have an interest in it, I would be really grateful if you could leave me any names of people that may be interested, or if you pointed someone that may be interested in this direction.


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