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How do I use BOSS for Skyrim?


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I have no idea what I am doing so far, I downloaded BOSS and tried to run it to see if my load-orders are correct but it began to ask me where is mod path, the masterlist  path and the BOSS program. Any help on this since I am incredibly clueless on what address to write/paste there.

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When LOOT or BOSS auto-detect your game's installation folder, they do so by checking your registry for the key generated by steam's skyrim launcher. so if you've reinstalled or something, make sure you have run the launcher through steam at least once so stuff knows where it is. good luck!

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does loot have a better, updated master list? i tried it and it looks like it just put them in random order..


and still getting CTD on start up after logo.

LOOT "reads" what is inside the esp and does not have an actual Masterlist like BOSS had, Your problem is likely a missing Master needed by a Mod You are using. Read the report LOOT generates after running to find what is missing.

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