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Player hideout and homes connected.


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Okay all, so I very rarely post about mods others make besides the normal words of encouragement but this mod I just fell in love with. The basis is simple, its a hideout that is accessible via any of your currently player owned vanilla homes. It simply adds a door or trapdoor to the vanilla player homes somewhere that takes you to your new underground hideout. It is kind of hard for me to pick what the best part of this mod is so I will mention the part I like the most and then I have a few pics to help explain the rest.


My favorite part of this mod is that as long as you own any or all the vanilla homes this mod connects them all via a hallway with doors to each of your player homes. While that alone is great for having them all connected, I find that I'm more inclined to just stay in the hideout as it offers so much more than just a home. There is a full smithy station, enchanting and alchemy tables, a ton of mannequins for displaying your favorite armors, countless weapon racks line most of the walls, theres a bar area / kitchen, a throne room with 2 stewards (can't really talk to them much at this point but its planned in the future) a bedroom, a nice display room and a dungeon. There is even temple shrines and a small library.


The mod is called Dovahkiin hideout and can be found here http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=6032


Now a fair warning, I snapped quite a few pics to show the general idea of the mod so my apologies if it take a little bit to load.















I once again apologize for the mass of pics but this place is rather large and the pics only cover the main areas.


The pics were also brought to you by Vanessa Elven adventurer





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Is hideout.esm installed in the data directory?


Has basement.esm been removed or unchecked? This is an old version and cannot be used anymore.

Is is visible (and checked) in your mod manager or your "data files" (if you don't use a mod manager)?

If your button is grey, follow the instructions below.

Go to your documents folder and find "My Games/Skyrim". Make a backup of your skyrimpref.ini. Add this line in the top of the [launcher] section.


Should look like




It may be there already and say "0". That means off. Change to a 1 and save.


Enter your home and look for the hatch in the location noted in FAQ #2. If it is not there, go back to #10 and start reviewing. If it is there and you still can't enter, do you have the key for the home you are currently in actually on your person?

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I use NMM to install it. And that is the first time I install the mod, no previous version data.


There is a Warning of the esm. "This plugin has the file extension .esm, but its file header marks it as an .esp!"


How is this happened?


And now, don't know what happened, the trap doors appeared and I can get in there. However, some of the little mannequin is misplaced and floating in the middle of a room.

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the install faq states that NMM will give a warning about the esm esp thing, the author says to ignore it and keep going.


I have 0 issues and I installed via wrye smash.

I have also adjusted it in my load order to this





mu apologies for the crappy pic as I just snapped it with my cell to get one quickly.

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again, I don't use nor will I ever use NMM, wrye has never let me down since Oblivion. It has to be something to do with NMM and this mod.

The author does state that it is an esp with esm properties so that when he makes updates your gear in the hideout wont be deleted with the old esp.

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there is a "mod" listed in the faq that will allow you to move items, its called decor assistant or something like that. I never tried it but he recommends it if stuff seems out of place. If you can enter the building and everything is there then the install is fine. The only other thing I can recommend to get everything positioned correctly would be open the esm in the ck and manually adjust the items that seem out of place.

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