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Mod Organizer file not located


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Have been trying out modding on Skyim for a couple of weeks using Nexus Mod Manager, but started getting a lot of crash to desktop. Figured my ever increasing mod list had just become messy and and I liked the info I saw about Mod Organizer and its more advanced way of managing mods. So I clean reinstalled Skyrim, including deleting all mods, saves, etc, just wanted to begin again with MO from a totally fresh start.


I've not even installed any mods yet or SKSE or anything (other that high rez trexture pack that comes automatically with steam) but each time I close MO I get the following error message:


Could not find this item

This is no longer located in C:\Users\Jack\Desktop\Mod Organizer v1_2_11-1334-1-2-11\ModOrganizer\profiles\Default\hide_plugins.txt


How can an item be missing from Mod Organizer if I've only just installed it?


Any idea what causes this and how I can tidy it up?

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