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Good Lord man, could you please place all your questions in one thread? This is the sixth one.


As for your question, every single mod can be manually installed or installed with whatever mod handler you like. It all depends on your modding knowledge.

However, as you seem to be a new mod user, it is suggested you use TESMM\OBMM\Wrye to install your mods. The benefit of those programs is that it's easy to remove mods you've installed with them, so even if you make a mistake you can revert to before you installed the mod in just a few clicks.


Do note that you shouldn't let any mod change your skeleton file. Either LAPF (if you want to use Lovers mods) or Growlf's (if you don't) should be the skeletons you use. So whenever you see a new mod, check in data\meshes\character\_male for skeleton.nif and - if it's present - remove it.

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Wrye Bash comes with some good pretty good tutorials, and there's some more tutorials on the Nexus if you care. They're very detailed, and some of them have pictures to help get you started. They're far more extensive than anything I care to write.

Here is an example for one such guide: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/35230/?


Although, frankly, unless the mod you're installing has an install script you might as well just turn it into an omod via TESMM or via OBMM since that will have the same effect.

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