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Help with NifSkope


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Im trying to learn how to make some basic armours using parts from different armour sets. I have literally gone through the top 20 youtube tutorials on "nifskope" search. I have read through the nifskope tutorial provided on their website and on the TES websites.


I dont understand how to "fragment" a single NiTriShape. From my understanding, NiTriStrips are meant to break the armour from one single mesh to many pieces in order to allow for copying and pasting branches. I have tried that but no matter how i strippify or triangulate the meshes stay the same in one piece. These meshes i am refering to are the BSA unpacked files.


I have used downloaded mods to experiment. Some of them have multiple NiTriShapes which i am able to block and move around but most are a single NiTriShape.


How do i get one NiTriShape to become many?

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