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Sorry if this has been answered already :/

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Ok I'd being willing to bet this question has been asked and probably answered more than a couple trillion times but i cant seem to find the exact answer to my question after search for a couple hours. OK, now for the question... I'm trying to adjust the alignment of animations by toggling the ALL animations off except for ONE and running said animation. OK this sounds like it would work to the newb imagination... but what happens is ALL the animations play anyways so I have NO idea what animation is playing so i can align/adjust thing to the best of my abilities. Like I said, I'm sorry if this has already been asked and answered in a prior post/FAQ. I honestly just couldn't find where the instructions on how to implement the "Animation editor" properly




Thanks in Advance for any insight/Answers to my "problem" 

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If you look at the console when the animation starts there should be a line that mentions which one actually got initialized. This also should apply when you swap between different animation sets with the proper hotkey.

Actually..I am not 100% sure if this actually is right; kind of late here where I am, a bit difficult to remember stuff properly.

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