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Straight tail after accidental MO reordering and/or new installs


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Last night I updated mods, checked to see if everything was still good, then installed the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod to try out. Stupidly I let MO reorder without seeing exactly where it was gonna place things and it shunted, among others, Q's Mannequins, AFT, and Moonlight tales beneath HMA. I'm using the 1.93 XPMSE with HDT which before the accidental reordering was after all these mods. This problem is only occurring one of my profiles, so I used one without the tail bug and a very similar load order to put the mods back in order and even reran FNIS but the tail is still straight.


What may also be the culprit but I'm unsure of (and doubting slightly but erring on caution here) is installing JContainers data storage framework and HooKmmerse and it's Pex and PexCLI Papyrus assembler requirement. HooKmmerse I can't even get to work so I turned that off, but I also tried turning the others off to no avail.


If more information is required just let me know, I just didnt want to inundate with useless garbage info. Thanks in advance.

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