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my ini settings that fix lag on my computer


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ok so a few days ago i played fallout 3 when the game crashed then i decided to tweak it a bit then problem solved

then went to sleep after a dream gave me an idea that skyrim's game engine is the same as oblivion , fallout 3/NV ,Morrowind just only extended and many of those previous features of the earlier versions of the engine may not have been removed and still may be present

and use them in order to tweak and hopefully improve skyrim performance and after a few tries and looking at the ini files of the other 3

and used them in skyrim's ini file by sheogorath it helped my hp probook 4525s quad core toaster .



well i dont really know if all the settiings really work or just only a few of them or none of them but if anyone who might be interested to take the time to try this thank you


and please if anyone can give an advice on how to improve this please comment


New Test.zip

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