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Recruiting Help for Guardian HQ 2


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Guardian HQ 2



Hello there, I'm Altrunchen and recently I regained access to my nexus account. You probably don't know me or anything that I've made and I honestly can't say that I blame you lol. But one mod that I made that was relatively popular was called "Guardian HeadQuarters NSFW -29 Followers-" (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19563/?). But as I thought about the mod, I realized that it could be improved upon greatly, and so I plan to make a new and improved mod and I was wondering if anyone around here wanted to collaborate with me on this? We'd of course share credit, there would be no reason not to.



  • Smaller, more efficiently designed maps and overall area layout. Condensed as well.
  • Followers are not just a copy of housecarls and  have their own dialogue quests (Maybe voice-acting too if possible)
  • Followers are trainers in various skills depending on what kind of follower they are. Also remove the reported conflict with existing trainers.
  • Ability to move spouse into the HQ.
  • The followers do not go everywhere together, but instead their AI package is different for each of them and they wander and interact with the maps in their own way.
  • Servants who can go sell your items for you, and defend the HQ instead of standing around.
  • No DLC required (not a change, but a goal nonetheless)
  • Easier Blackreach access
  • Better secret passages
  • Access towers on the far ends of the world map so that not as much time is used when fast-travelling to the HQ. Instead it's a matter of fast travelling to the nearest access tower and then just using the load door to get to the hub in the HQ

What I would like help with:

  • Just about anything as long as you have a pretty good idea what you are doing :).
  • I would greatly appreciate help with making dialogue quests and help coding the followers/ trainers.
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