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Weird black "patch" bug on armor texture.


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I've been trying to search around but all I can find are purple(missing) texture related problems, which this is not.


The armor is a conversion of the Dark Brotherhood armor for the touched by dibella body, and seems to appear after I added TBBP functionality.

A little black square is right under the butt, on the inner thigh;



The thing is it only shows up on the left side, not on the right. I tried various different texture and normal maps out there buit no luck. Usually it wouldn't bother me, but you know.. it being located right under the ass it tends to stand out.



Anyways, as I said I've tried searching before but I just find myself looking at missing-texture related issues... and I believe this is the correct forum





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Try this in Nifskope:


Right click on armor -> Mesh -> Face Normals


then do the same but choose:


Mesh -> Smooth Normal, and see if it happens again.


I tried the face normals before but no luck. Then I just tried your suggestion but again, nothing helped. It actually seemed to make it worse,




:dodgy:  I'm stumped cause this is the only armor that has this issue.

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