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Skyrim NPC Editor - NECK GAP FIX :)

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:idea: I originally posted about this problem in another thread, and I wanted to make sure the solution was easy to find.


Some Skyrim NPC Editor users have experienced a problem where, after selecting a replacement head when creating their new NPC mod, gaps appear in-game between the newly modified NPC's body and neck. This is not necessarily always visible if an NPC is wearing garments/equipment/etc. which hides the neck & collarbone area from view, but can be unsightly when it is visible.



Here is one way in which this problem can be solved.






- Create & install your new NPC mod created with Nebula's Skyrim NPC Editor following the instructions supplied with the download (*always keep a copy of your created mods - it makes life easier if you wish to edit them further at a later date).


- So you start-up Skyrim, eager to see your nice new mod in action, only to feel deflated and dismayed to see that the modified NPC's head has somehow separated from their body? No problem - you can fix it!


- Tab-out of Skyrim, and open the mod you made earlier with NPC Editor (ie: open NPC Editor, and click the "Load From File" tab at the top-right of the window).


- You do not need to change anything here (so be careful you don't accidentally click on anything you don't actually want to mess with!). Hit the "Appearance" tab, and look at the entry next to "Head". If you've changed your NPC's head to that of another NPC from the game, this is where that other NPC's name will appear.


- Now, go back to the NPC list at the top of the window. Scroll down until you find the name of the NPC that you used the new head from in your mod. Click on it. This will bring their profile up in the editor.


- Again, you're not going to change anything here, so don't click anything you don't need to! Look at the entry next to "Weight", and take note of it.


- Go back to your open Skyrim game.


- Hit the "~" button, which will bring up the console.


- Type: setnpcweight xx (where "xx" is whatever the weight you just took note of was), and hit return.


- If you've entered the right value, you should see the gap disappear! Yay!


- Wait... what the...?! Your NPC's head just switched back to their old one?! GAH!


- Don't panic! Just close Skyrim, re-apply your NPC mod (*ALWAYS check to see that its .esp file is ticked/"checked" in whatever mod manager you're using. I use Nexus Mod Manager).


- Start Skyrim again, and look at your NPC. They should be all fixed up & ready to go!


- That's it! All done! :)



Note that this process only removes the gap between neck and body. It does not alter any "seam" issues with textures & face/body mods which you may have been experiencing.


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