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Mod to make heavy armor more effective against arrows


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BACKGROUND: I tried Requiem and Skyrim Redone before and they had some pretty interesting features. However, the fact that those mods were mostly an all-or-nothing experience ended up not working for me. In the end, I went back to using individual mods to fill in different areas of functionality.


One area I haven't found a mod to handle yet is light vs. heavy armor changes. In Requiem, there was a very substantial difference in using Heavy Armor vs. Light Armor. Heavy Armor really provided protection and arrows were fairly ineffective against it. The tradeoff was that it slowed down your movement speed more and it drained more of your stamina when running. I'm most interested in the greater effectiveness against arrows.



QUESTION: Is there an individual mod that changes combat behavior of arrows so they are less effective against heavy armor?


Requiem has done it, so it's definitely possible. I'm just wondering if there's a smaller mod that does just that, since that's the only feature I care for.

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