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problem with bellybutton


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to start: i use Cbbe v3 tbbp from bodyslide 2 and outfit studio, havok breast physics, hdt and basic xml, fnis, sexy idles choice #2, dragonfly tbbp animation and a handful of other animation mods.


my main problem is when female npc's die they have strange deformities in the breast, belly and backbone regions. I first NOTICED this during the first quest of falskaar in the starting cave.


screen 6, 11, 13, 14


The second problem is when I install the manga body, the bellybutton stays static while the rest of the body moves, this is mainly noticeable during the sexy animation. Another anomaly is in the knockdown animation, i think (cant remember which animation), where the bellybutton is stretched and pulled away from the character making a sort of cone shape.


screen 9


thx, and let me know if i missed any details



master files:
[unofficial Skyrim Patch
[unofficial Dawnguard Patch
[unofficial Hearthfire Patch
[unofficial Dragonborn Patch
[Havok Breast Physic
[inn Girls Resources
[ABT - Faster Arrows Improved +50%
[Auto Unequip Ammo
[Als Eclipse Bloodcurse
[dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic
[Animated Dragon Wings
[Havok Breast Physic Dawnguard
[Havok Breast Physic Dragonborn
[Havok Breast Physic
[Realistic crime report radius
[ABT - Faster Bolts Improved +50
[skyrim Immersive Creatures
[better Vampires
[skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2
[Marriable Serana
[immersive wenches
[inconsequential NPCs
[Marriable Serana HF
[immersive Patrols II
[Champion of Kynareth
[EEO patch
[storm Wings
dD-No Spinning Death Animation
Magic of the Magna-Ge
Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves
Dwemertech - SkyRe Compatibility Patch
Spectraverse - SkyRe Compatibility Patch
Apocalypse - The Spell Package
Apocalypse - SkyRe Compatibility Patch
Wrath Of Nature
fox20 Armor
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Bashed Patch, 0


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Which HDT version are you using, I had something similar when I first started figuring out HDT (for the collisions), it was incompatible body weights in the body mesh for the skeleton and hdt version. Might try looking at one that has compatible changes for the XPMSE bone name changes for a start. I don't remember which one I'm using anymore I made so many edits with weight paints due to my older computer lol.


And I'm not sure about all the physics plugins you're using. Might be that you're trying to use an outdated hdt system with newer xml's and a body that's not compatible with XPMSE bone renames...


(Another thought: Try re-installing your ragdolls someone said in a post somewhere that it helped.) And your load order doesn't make a whole ton of sense; RacemenuPluginXPMSE needs to go after Racemenu; is the big one that stands out to me, Wish I could remember exactly where I saw what so I could point you in that direction.  :s Hope at least some of this helps out.

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Ok, so i tried replacing ragdolls, and it worked but created a new similar problem to the breasts LOL, which leads me to believe you could be correct about my xml.


I'm sorry I don't know how to add links without getting an error page >.>


anyway I'm using the havok breast physics by pclp2014 and its xml file along with the dg and db patches

and for the hdt im using the HDT breast physic for sevenbase, unp/unpb, cbbe and topmodel 1.1a by the same guy


Oh and racemenuplugin is disabled, I've been using LOOT and am doing anything it says to do in its notes.

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I'm not familiar with hers, though my bf uses it, that's the all-in-one with the havok object? I use the one by monsto and an xml for the smaller breasts that has the belly bounce/collisions. Both found here on LL as well. I still think that most of your issue may be with the body mesh itself (The new skele and HDT aren't compatible with the older body meshes, my bf had to use one of the HDT body slides that are available now. He was using the CBBE v3). Maybe the v3.3 has the necessary changes for compatibility?


If you're using MO, try making a profile that has just the things you need to make sure your setup is working IE: An animation that you can see if it's working right away and -body/skele/hdt/ragdolls/skyUI/racemenu(or ece if you use it) and an alt start so you can check and see before all the other mods has a chance to goof it up. Then once it's confirmed working on a fresh save and load order you can arrange your current profile in that particular order for maximum happy :3

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