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I just found this very interesting forum and am very glad to see some great resources. I have been playing and modding OB for years now, and have recently studied mod making and created some of my own, and plan to do more. I look forward to sharing here, and very much like having the information on good adult mods, as that is a special interest of mine as well. I am a professional artist in RL and enjoy painting the figure a lot, and so found OB a natural realm of enjoyment. Thanks for the very nicely designed forum and website, and thanks for all the great sharing.


I will be happy to help with modding advice or suggestions on use of the CS if that can help anyone out. I also work with 3DMax, Maya, Poser, and some other programs doing 3D work. I have collected some of the various adult mods over the years, but havent had time to try any of the main ones out yet, but hope to this winter and Lovers PK sounds very intriguing, sadly the Resource Pack does not want to download at the moment but hopefully that will be sorted soon.


Anyway, hello and thanks and I look forward to catching up via the threads and sharing.

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Thank you both for the welcome in, much appreciated. There is a lot to study here, I am going to do a new install of OB for Lovers and will build from the ground up using some of the excellent guides here, my own install of five years age had a lot of mods but I never did try any of the BBB material and now is the time to try them all and it will be a lot of fun...thanks to the hard work of all of you. :) thanks again.


some of my previous mod work and companions....some of these are from an as yet unreleased new city mod, i worked on interiors and some other details for it.


I have also developed a simple modular window view system that does not require 3D exteriors and can be fitted into just about any interior customized for various times of day.


















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