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Strange body shape glitch


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So, I have a lot of mods installed from this site. And it all runs fine. I just have 2 small problems which I cant seem to get my head around.


The first one is my body shape.


I can make a new character, new save. but after i finish making the character, after walking around for about 3 seconds, the butt and breasts jump back to their default size.


After i got impregnated, my body kept swelling up *belly and breasts* for 1 second, and popped back to basic shape, back up, back to basic repeatedly.


it looks like something keeps reverting my body type back to the basic shape (the butt and breasts only)


Has anyone ever had this before?


The other strange thing which I cant seem to figure out which mod its coming from is that during sex scenes, i have a recurring beep. Like a pc beep. Like when your computer starts up.

It seems to speed up and slow down during sex scenes so i thought it was a beep to alert me of an increased arousal or so, But i cant find anything about this..


Does anyone know what causes this by chance?



Ok, i figured out the sound problem. Seems 1 of the male voices was bugged. Whenever that voice was randomly picked, it just used beep sounds. Turning off most male voices fixed that.


Now i still have the problem with the breasts and belly.


So i followed the 2 guides how to install and set up the PSB and also the armor for it. Did all of that and it still has the same result.


I can set it to insanely large breasts and ass in char creation. Finish, walk around for 3 seconds and poof, those 2 sliders are back to the basic setting. I dont get it...


Edit 2


Even stranger now..

1 of the fixes on the forum here was to copy the femalebody_0.nif and femalebody_1.nif  from Pregnant-Weighted-Armor-2.0 and copying it into the meshes/actor etc. etc.  After doing that, my game CTD as soon as i press "new game" 


I can load a game, and play. no problem but New games CTD right away.


I tried replacing those 2 files again with new versions made in Bodyslider. Nothing works.


This game is getting soooo frustrating O.O/

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