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Bodyslide 2 batch build problem

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Man this is the second thread I've ever created on this site and it's the same damn thing as my first one... (sorry still a modding noob for the most part)

Well I spent yesterday updating and replacing my Skyrim mods (I fall in and out of interest with a new game every month, so I was quite behind) and this includes the new CBBE version and Bodyslide 2 stuff.

So I created a new body, saved the slider preset, and did a batch build. Suddenly none of the females are nude anymore when they were prior to the batch build. They have the blue Caliente undies on now. BOOOO! NOT IN MY SKYRIM. *smashes fist into palm*

I'm slightly retarded in some aspects of modding and I have no idea what I did wrong. Last time I hit up Loverslab for help I was simply checking the non-nude body types in the batch build menu and that was my issue. This time I'm not doing that and I've hit the same wall.


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I've had the same thing happen to me. You are probably selecting a body that has underwear in it and you have not realise it. If you have your batch builded already for your outfits, go back too the group field and select just the body you want too use.

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