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Wrye Bash keeps wrecking my load order WTF?!


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I just installed Oblivion on a new computer.   I stack the load order with OBMM then when I open Wrye Bash the load order is all screwed up.  Currently I don't have many mods running so I just uninstalled Wrye Bash and just running OBMM seems to work.   BUT what the hell is wrong with wrye bash?  I've installed and uninstalled it several times to have the same thing happen.



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They are fighting over your load order.

Both keep a list of how you set your load order last, within that particular manager.


So what happens is that Bash notes your load order. You then close it and go into OBMM, change your load order in that, exit and re-enter Bash.

Bash now notes that your load order has changed and so resets it to how it was the last time it saw it. (With 'lock times' enabled.)


The solution is to turn off lock times in Bash or just use one. I'd suggest Wrye Bash as OBMM has too many training wheels for me.

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Thanks, Symon, I really appreciate it.   I always used both on the old computer with good results.   But Wrye Bash saved the day for me many times on the old 'puter and I feel a little lost without it.   I'm going to turn off the lock times as you suggested.

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