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Bestiary of Skyrim* - what mod?


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I was testing my mods in the Riverwood, and to my surprise when I was checking the local merchant's goods the game CTDed. I have installed a trade mod and a couple of object mods so I started messing with them for two or three hours till I finally realised it was a single object that caused CTD - the Bestiary of Skyrim, which lacked a picture. I have not installed any bestiality mods, I did install the creature pack from FNIS though. Any ideas what is the mod which produces this book and why does it have a glitch like that? I did use a new character for the mod, so it should be clean from any weird bestialities mods. I am basically using just the main and the most famous mods such as Arousal, SD+, Arousod, Prison Overhaul etc. Maybe it could be Arachnophobia who gives this book, but there is no bestiality in Arachnophobia too! I am in doubt now.



EDIT: I had got the name of the book wrong first time, fixed now.

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