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Featuring 3 easter egg type standalone followers:


All 3 followers have a unique ability themselves. However, they are not available immediately as you have to find clues to know where to get them.

You can use placeatme by console command.



fizban007, Saru - Farron and Lenneth Combat Outfit

newermind43 - Seraphim Combat Outfit

LazyTomcat - Seraphim face Warpaint

MacKom - Valkyrie hair

Numenume - Seraphim hair

Snezko - Farron's weapon

Author of Beautiful Hairs - Farron's hair

Caliente - Body of all followers


Uninstall the old version of this mod.

Warning: To get all 3 of them, you can't do the main storyline immediately.


Unforutnately i am having difficulty to make a proper pic of Lenneth.

For those of you who found Lenneth, reply if the gloves are not showing correctly.


The lenneth i have looks quite similar to the lenneth in the following mod:


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    skyrim, dragonborn DLC
  • Special Edition Compatible


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Hey, I think your followers are much better then your advertisement. Take your time and create a good screenshot and a better description. I especially like the Seraphim from Sacred (but I didn't play the questline).


When I saw the screenshot I was like "meh, okay, let's try it", but your folllower look very nice ingame.

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