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What tools is used for Skyrim ??

Guest Donkey

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for oblivion there was OBMM for fallout was FOMM what is it called for skyrim SKOMM ?? i tried BOSS witch makes the load order correctly. yet when i click on data in steam options my load order does not look correctly. Skyrim.esm is lowest in the list.



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Wrye bash+NMM for the only reason that I haven't found ' date='if there is any, the function to reorder mod with wrye ;x



BOSS works with wrye

or if you mean by hand,

in the mods tab click on Load Order

now you can click on a mod

and move/drag it up or down in your load order


also in the installers tab

changing the order of the zip files can have a major


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The thing i found strange is that even though BOSS seem to work, steam doesn't take the changes into account when i click on data within that skyrim menu all mods still look in a wrong load order. When i used new vegas or oblivion the game tab will actually show me how the mods are loaded correctly but somehow steam doesn't for skyrim.


This was the part i found strange:



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I'm not too sure with that Donkey. Ever since I installed wrye I have not even touched the steam icon. Wrye has the startup for the 4GB exe right at the bottom and even is I dont have steam running it starts it for me so I just disregard what the steam data files say go by wrye. seems to be working fine. I'm just wondering if the shown order even matters when some other software is installed to monitor your data add ons.

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i don't think BOSS work with the skyrim launcher.


I personally use the Nexus Mod Manager. I know people complain about it a lot, but i got absolutely no problems with it.

Sure there are a lot of functions that still need to be integrated (bsa extracter etc.) but since it is from the same author that created FOMM i'm sure those will be added in the future.

And till then you can use things like "fo3 archive utility" for that stuff.


edit. Oh yeah, and regarding the picture you showed of the skyrim launcher. That has nothing to do with the load order. Since the launcher doesn't support load order it just shows the plugins alphabeticaly. (for example it would be impossible to load the skyrim.esm after the ones that are listed before. If you have set the load order with another manager, it doesn't matter what order is shown in skyrim launcher. Or so i believe...



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