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VtM:B - Possible Modding Resource?

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Hey! :)


Quick question - has anyone ever considered using the game "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines" as a possible source (with a little tinkering) of meshes, animations, etc.?


For example:




(First couple of minutes of that video are probably the most visually informative...)



The game is of roughly the same vintage as vanilla Oblivion, and at the time a large amount of player-base modding was done to it in terms of textures, outfits, etc. Additionally, Troika - the game's developer - went belly-up (badly) several years ago, and thus as far as general knowledge (and the general internet machine chatter) suggests the materials *may* be suitable for non-commercial use free from any real legal qualms.


No idea if these kinda things are useable, or if people would even want them. More a thought-bubble than anything else, I guess... :)

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The animations look a bit clunky, but maybe that's because of the less complex skeletons this game uses.


Or do you mean remaking this game in the skyrim engine? I don't know if that's possible, but I someone makes it, I would definitely try it out.

I bought this game some years ago on a sale, but never managed to play it, as it already looked pretty bad graphicly, when I got it.

Also my first character shouldn't have been on of those insane clan guys, who can't even speak straight.

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I can understand it being a bit... difficult to go Malkavian on the first playthrough, but other than that it's exactly the type of playthrough unique content that Skyrim sorely lacks.


Also, I can't remember who published this. But the publisher will most likely be the owner of the game's assets, and Vampire the Masquerade in general is owned by White Wolf if I remember correctly.

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Probably one of my favourite games.


The game was made by Troika, who are sadly no longer around :( Publisher was Activision so I suppose the assets are theirs now. White wolf was bought by CCP games, who are supposed to be developing an MMO based on old WOD.


There was a pretty good vampire mod based on this game for Oblivion, would be nice to see something like that in Skyrim.

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the game assets were released to be used as a resource a few years back, i did look into using some of the meshes but being as old as it is the meshes are just terrible, it is possible to subdivide them and improve the quality but to be honest thats more work then its worth as it is easier to simply create something new from scratch

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