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Hi, first things first, a before and after:





This is what happens when I try out HD body textures like the one by cefwyn (notice the hips). Any ideas? I checked most of the discussion with mods like that and no one seems to mention these problems.


Could just be something I've done wrong, as I prefer the CBBE shape but enjoy the CHSBHC bounce I obviously have them both installed but it doesn't really say which order to do it, or any instructions for that matter, so I just unpack and overwrite in this order: CHSBHC/CBBE/BodySlider options (for Super Silly Huge :P)


Any help on these problems is much appreciated, even if I can just get an order in which to install CBBE/CHSBHC I'll be over the moon.



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Thanks for the reply Teal' date=' turns out I must of been extra tired last night. I was trying to use the CHSBHC skin on my obviously CBBE body. Which sadly points out cefwyn hasn't actually got a none toned version for CBBE, ah well, default is awesome :)



I'm still pretty sick, but since I just can't make myself stay in bed I'm going to go ahead and upload a completely non-toned normal map in a bit.

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