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Sons of Talos armor


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when you download the armor mods like KillerKeos, or Remodeled armor and etc, in the meshes folder you see an armor called "Sons of Talos"

what is this armor and how do i find it.... also ref id plz if you know about it? D:



nevermind figured it out for myself

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Try the help command in the console. You probaly will find it with one of these commands:

help talos
help "sons of talos"


this wont work, its a stormcloak officer armor. i had to look it up on the console as stormcloak officer...


i used nifskope to figure out what the armor was named :3

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Is it also labled as Stormcloak Officer amor? And if you already have looked it up, why you not simply add it?


yea it is, also the mesh (as seen on nifskope or bodyslide outfit editor) matches with it in game, and i did add it finally thanks :3

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