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where are sexlab patches?

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Maybe I get the question wrong if so I'm sorry, but are you blind sexlab framework is the first post on the download page including the patches


I have made a screenshot how to find stuff with awesome internet research skills.


Edit: for everything else ever thought about google just google sexlab submit etc. sorry if I'm rude, but this the most useless post/question I have seen in the tech support so far.



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Okay, enter the downloads section, up at the top of the page. Go to Skryim downloads. Sexlab foundation is at the top of the list. To find Devious Devices, or any other specific mod? YOu can either google it, search slowly for it, or use the built in search box, at the top right of the page.

  1. Click the gear next to the search box
  2. Enter the mod name and select "Downloads"
  3. Set "match" to Titles only. Otherwise you get a lot of sub-mods that are basically addons, or stuff that's compatible or not.
  4. Under "Find in category," click on "SexLab Framework"
  5. Scroll to "----Other", hold shift, and click it. This should select all of the subcategories.
  6. Scroll down until you find "Adult Mods," then hold control and click it. If you did it right, it should be selected along with the rest of the stuff, without selecting HDT Physics.
  7. Scroll to "----Other" again, but this time, hold shift and control when you click it. Shift says "Everything from there to here," while control says, "Separate from the previous part." Combined together, you're making a second group of selection!
  8. Run a search!

...Of course it does not help that there are fifty mods titled Devious Devices anyways. I ran a search on "Submit + Devious Devices" and managed to find only a few matches, so that should be quick enough.

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