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How to change body mesh and add tails


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I have been fighting with this creation kit trying to create a custom race.


I duplicate an existing race but it seems to delete the body and all I am left with is a floating head.

I cannot even figure out how to alter meshes and even add tails to a race.


I have done searches all over the place and found nothing the the crappy CK wiki tutorial that teaches how to change the color of the skin.

I apologize if this feels whiny brash or obnoxious. I am simply at my wit's end.

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Do you have a 3D modeling software you know how to use? You'll need one to edit the meshes. You'll need a tool that can import the meshes used by the game to a format the program can use, and later export them back to the correct format after editing.

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If you want the default bodies (whatever you have as femalebody/malebody as default):


In the race window of your new race, set Armor Race to the race you copied the new race from. Do the same for morphs if you want the same face morphs. Otherwise copy them from another race.


If you want a completely different body for that particular race:


Things can get complicated here. You must set NONE in Armor Race. You have to create a new body armature and set it so it's usable only for your new race(search NakedTorso in the filter to have an idea of what I'm talking about, and do it in All). Then you have to search SkinNaked and again set it to be usable by your new race (again, search for it in filter with All selected), search your new race in the SkinNaked window, and set your NEW NakedTorsoWhatever (or whatever you called it, just don't overwrite the original one) in the Models section. Finaly, in the Race Window again, if it's not set already, set SkinNaked to the race (done by gender) in Body Data->Skin.


You also have to make hands and feet usable by your new race, you can modify the original ones if you want to. Just search for NakedHands and NakedFeet and set them to be usable for your race and put them in SkinNaked in your race. If you want to use different meshes though, you have to repeat the first steps for each one.


Also if the meshes need a different skeleton, you have to set it in Body Data. If the skeleton missmatchs, the CK will cry about it and will be stuck "loading" the meshes.


The problem with this is, you have to manually set every armor from the game to be usable for this new race if you don't want it to be invisible when they equip it. The CK is very flexible, but this brought a whole lot of complications too.


Bethesda should had made a Tutorial on this, since it was very annoying to find out. I had to figure this myself.

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