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gunmar bug


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hi everyone....was wondering if I can get some help? I'm at dawnguard trying to do some quests and  I'm told to talk to gunmar....but he's no where to be found....so I used the console code moveto cheat and it takes me to the sharpening stone in the castle no matter where I am in skyrim when using the moveto code? and every time it takes me to the same spot in the castle but gunmar is not there? any help would be greatly appreciated

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You could try to move him to your location.

Just type "prid xx003477" without qoutes to select him. And then type "moveto player" without qoutes to bring him to you.


The xx at the begining of his refid should be replaced with where dawnguard is in your load order. For most people it would either be 02 or 03 if they use USKP. Check your load order to be sure and good luck.

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