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good texture to pair with Ethereal Elven overhaul?


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first point, i'm using CBBE.  so i'm looking for textures compatible for that one.


i've been using SG textures renewal for my non elves




and basvanbeu muscle texture for the elves bodies




but because i keep getting some bad seams on my non elven races (face and hands are considerably lighter then the body) i'm thinking of switching.  anyone have a good suggestion?

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I Use EEO also, I haven't change my set up in awhile but i think im using a combination of SG textures and Fair complexion which idk if its for CBBE but The bottom link is the same textures I used to use i think it could be your install order thats messing things up




Try installing SG then Cbbe textures. I used to have the same discolored thing also it was very annoying hope this helps, and if you need any more help pm me anytime im almost always on.

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