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Help pls with nanosuit meshes


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Hello everyone...i saw a topic about the nanosuit here and i was wondering if someone with much more experience in modd-ing can help me with a mesh i think. I am very new to this kinda thing i only barley managed to find out some things about the mod-ing in Skyrim. The nanosuit mod is a very wonderful mod...but it has a tiny little glitch in 1st person view u can see with whatever weapon u have a pieace of graphic if i can say so, that sticks out of the armor and it is annoying for such a wonderfull mod. And i think the only way to repair this thing is by creating a nif file or mesh with only the arms of the suite ...the mod is missing a nif file of the ground texture aswel.


I am asking for help because this work needs experienced 3d modeling people or something like that wich for me is a total mistery.



Thk u all for ure atention and sorry for my bad english (its my 3d language) and i am trying my best to make my self clear on what i want to say. 

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