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What is the Best 3rd Person MOD?


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So after testing all of the possible 3rd person mods, ill note something




Ultimate 3rd Person Camera MOD - Works awesome, but disable first person view because it changes the 1stperson animations to 3rd person view does giving you a fallout3,NV style 3rd person game.


Negative effect = Deadly reflex fails, UV2 fails, custom 3rd person attack animation fails, shield bash, dodge and other fails, only vanilla animation works


Really sad because i really liked it.




The other is 3rd person auto first person = when weapon is sheathed it plays as 3rd person view, when looting, weapon drawn, arrow shooting its 1st person.


Negative effect= although all custom animations work and other mods too, it uses the crappy oblivion default 3rd person mechanics where if you point the mouse the whole character turns.




Guys is there any good 3rd person camera mod that doesnt eliminate the usage of 1st person, and is not as crappy as the default oblivion 3rd person. I really liked U3RDPerson mod because playing in third person is much better and like fallout.


So if there are any mods like that gimme a link or message.

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Guest GingerTom

I was a very small (almost unseen shall we say ;) ) part of Ultimate 3rd mod--I have a 'thank you' from the mod creater on that page--and it certainly works perfectly for me also.

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@ Vergil: how where you able to get deadly reflex and custom animations to work with U3P?


I use DR5 as suggested because DR6 conflicts, also DMC animations as a special anim so only my PC uses DMC anims. The bug is dodge and bash only woble the camera and has no animation.


Lastly U3P is awesome but i kinda dont like how it removes 1st person gameplay.


@gingertom: nice just went back to see the page and awesome.

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Gear of War Camera fails at npc talking.


But i solved the problem for people wanting to play in 3rd person playability without losing first person view.


Chasecameramod is the answer works like wonders and has good synergy with 3rd person auto first person mod.

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