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Which mod to use to start a creature animation?

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I have downloaded NudeCreatures and Creature Feature but I don't know how to start animation in game? Is there something like SexLab Romance for human to install to launch animation easily? I tried SexAnimal but it crash my game.

I don't have Dragonborn and DawnGuard DLC's and I have deleted the required files for nude creature.

All the options about creatures are ON in my SL MCM. I have the FNIS creature mod installed. I have installed everything through NMM (it works fine for SL Romance).

Thanks if you took the time to read me, and thanks if you try to help.

I apologize if there are english mistakes in this post.

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Nevermind, a moderator can lock this thread if wanted, i tried to use MoreNAstyCritters who seems perfect but i finally notice that DawnGuard is needed to run HentaiCreature and that's why my game keep crashing why i tried to use it alone or in this bundle of mods. 


Thank you.

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