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"Skyrim: High Res. Text. Pack" - big FPS hit?

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Hey - I'm wondering if I should download the new Bethesda High-Res. Pack for Skyrim or not... :huh:


I'm currently using NebuLa's "Skyrim HD - 2K Textures" - 1.4 LITE, and according to FRAPS getting low./mid. 20's FPS outdoors in Whiterun (20-21FPS at the usual top-of-stairs-look-at-tree spot, which is still pretty smooth), mid.-high 20's-mid. 30's indoors (can sometimes drop a little into the high teens in *some* resource-heavy outdoor world environments - ie: out in the boonies with lotsa simultaneously occurring grass, falling leaves, shadows, & angry, vengeful bears).


My graphics settings are on stock "High", 1440x900, with the game's own "FXAA" option selected (I do NOT use those ENB/FXAA mods - in my experience they're all either too dark, too yellow, too hypersaturated, or too clunky), & all water-reflect options selected.


Some Infernal Machine spec.'s (desktop - new laptop is scarily better, but desktop is my regular day-to-day machine):


Windows 7 32-bit




Intel® Core i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 3301 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)


(...buggered if I know what that means. "Not bad" would be my shorthand. It's also slightly over-clocked by my techie to the safer side of god-knows-what)


ATi Radeon Powercolour HD5670 1GB DDR3



With all this, the game is highly playable and enjoyable, and looks great! :)


MY CONCERN IS: I don't wanna bugger it all up by installing a texture mod - about which there are next to NO concrete performance details of the "I installed it and this is what happened" variety at this stage - which is beyond my Infernal Machine's capacity to handle. Especially now that since the new patch there is no functional "Skyboost" to come to the rescue. The advised minimum 1GB graphics spec. does give me pause...





:idea:NOTE: Please do NOT turn this thread into one of those entirely disposeable pidgin-English-heavy "Lolwut ur pc iz teh suxxorz" or "NVIDIA! ATI! NVIDIA! ATI!...." (tr.: "Duck Season! Wabbit Season!") threads. If you know, or suspect, that your contribution fits that description... please go elsewhere. :)





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I'm not a technical expert, nor have I done any extensive testing (i.e., Fraps in different locations), but I have not experienced any noticeable performance hit with the Beth pack. I'm going to tinker later and see where my FPS is.

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I'm nearly done downloading it. I'll be able to tell how it really hits my fps, considering my system is right smack in the middle in terms of cpu/graphics card/memory. Honestly I would hope your system could run it, because mine was able to run on the highest settings prior with 4096 textures no problem. I'm also worried about if it will override my current textures, or if its going to have some bsa.



Wierd, there is no difference in my fps. Though some of my textures look EXTREMELY different. My dark elf looks all haggish now >.<. Thankfully I made sure to back up what I had. But everything else seems to be alright. I just recommend doing a backup of any textures you don't want to loose.


Yeah there for sure bsa files. I see two HighResTexturePack01, and HighResTexturePack02. Wow they are huge too, they are nearly 4.2 gigs. That's very surprising considering its compressed lol.


Check out my close up of face texture:


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You realise that windows 7 32 bit cannot utilise your 8 gigs of ram right? Should only be able to use about 3 gigs with 32bit os.


Yeh' date=' I do. I've been putting it off - I'll be doing an upgrade of a number of hardware bits-n'-pieces at the mid-year or thereabouts, & will be getting a 64-bit install happening at the same time. :blush:



To those who don't like the fact that the HQ textures override current ones you have modded. I posted a fix I found here:






Hey Silvist! Thanks for the timely re-direct to the "What Mod is This?" thread. After reading the recent series of "GAH!" postings (and Cicattrix's thread as well), I say to hell with it. I'm not touching the new pack until the apparent conflicts and mess have been thoroughly worked-through. :-/


Many thanks though for drawing attention to the above fix!

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Hi' date=' I haven't updated my Skyrim yet, so I have a few questions.


-Will the official High Res Texture pack conflict with Skyrim HD - 2K Textures?

-Which one looks better?

-Do I have to update to the official High Res texture pack when I update?


Thanks to anyone who can answer. :)




1. Consensus seems to be that it does, unfortunately - and with everything else as well. :-/


2. Not sure - Nebula's Skyrim HD 2K, which you're using now, is pretty good. If you're happy with the one you have for now, perhaps wait a week or two until the dust settles & any conflicts are more broadly understood, then have another look.


3. Happily, no! :)

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I know for me I'm happy with the way I have things. Bethsoft's HD pack is too little too late. Many modders are ahead of the game and already have fantastic texture mods that make Skyrim much better.


I really like what this guy is doing, http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/modules/members/index.php?id=3417809 .


I'm not going heavy on Bethsoft as much as I don't think they can make it better, I feel strongly it is now up to the modders. There is highly popular Realistic water and landscape mods too and flora and fauna..

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